Amateur and Professional Music Night

Last night we attended our neighbourhood casseroles protest at 8, but had to get down to Metropolis for the MUTEK show by 10. So we only marched a few blocks. 75% of the satisfaction but 25% of the exercise. We’ll miss the protests tonight and tomorrow but I gather they will be happening for a […]

In Today’s Globe and Mail!

Natalie Zemon Davis and I have an op-ed in today’s Globe and Mail giving some historical context to the casseroles protests. While the Anglophone press continues to talk about disorder and how they are wrecking everything (summer festivals, school recruitment–though people actually involved in both seem considerably less worried than the journalists covering them), I […]

I know this is getting predictable, but

Here’s last night’s casseroles protest in our neighbourhood. We walked down to Beaubien last night and ran into a bunch of friends. I guess “Villeray désobéis” is the place to be. My attendance this week will be a little spotty–there’s a lot of music stuff going on with MUTEK right around 8pm, but perhaps I […]