Thanksgiving update

November 27, 2014

It’s American thanksgiving!  I’m thankful for my wonderful family and friends (some of whom I will see tonight at a potluck), KITTENS and CARRIE, great colleagues and students, as well as for the kindness of strangers. Since I last posted, I got a little information on but the ThyCa people managed to manually add […]

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Well, that didn’t work out as hoped

November 24, 2014

So the radioactive iodine didn’t work.  Of course “didn’t work” is a bit of an abstract concept. You will recall that the possible outcomes ranged from complete annihilation of the metastatic thyroid cancer cells in my lungs to, well, nothing. It definitely didn’t get rid of the cells.  If it slowed or stopped the growth, […]

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Tuesday Dinner / Today Lunch Report

November 20, 2014

Tastebuds are mostly back! Tuesday night I arrived home tired, and didn’t feel like cooking. t took out some left over tabbouleh from the weekend. I ate it and thought “wow, this tastes good.”  When I realized that 3-day old tabbouleh doesn’t usually taste better than newer tabbouleh, I went over to the butter dish, rubbed […]

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I Haz No Flavor

November 7, 2014

Or more accurately, I am losing my taste.  I probably do have a flavour. This particular side effect of RAI can set in a few days after treatment, and in this case it did. I noticed it this morning at breakfast.  It’s sort of like having a badly burned tongue–everything is muted, some flavours more […]

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A typology of shitness

November 5, 2014

All things considered, radioactive iodine treatment is “getting off easy.” It lacks the existential fatigue and sunburn from within that sets in with external beam radiation. It lacks the utterly disjunctive  transformation and bizarro pain from unexpected places that comes with surgery, and it lacks the body-falling-apart poison experience of chemo (I’ve only heard about […]

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Vegetarian Low Iodine Diet: Weeks 2 and 3

November 4, 2014

So much for food blogging.  I was spending too much time cooking.  And for the last week I have felt pretty crappy. Today was my first “good day” in just about a week. Tomorrow I expect to be released from the low iodine diet after my 8:30am scan.  It hasn’t been that bad this time. […]

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Radioactivity: Day 3

November 2, 2014

We are now in the home stretch. Another long night of sleep (thank you daylight savings). This morning I took my final lithium (good riddance). Carrie and the kittens come home this afternoon, though nobody gets a hug yet. I want to put up a “welcome home, girls!” banner. But first, I have a lot […]

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