Radio Super Bon: Fetus Training, Incorporated

Fetus Training, Incorporated, “From Womb to Room.”

An appropriate subject for the first installment — birth!

A couple weeks ago, some friends of ours had a “Baby Bacchanalia” party in honor of their then-impending newborn. They asked guests for original performances for either of them, or for the child. Carrie and I decided to make an “instructional audio tape” for the fetus (no “pro-life” message intended) in the persona of the “Fetus Training, Incorporated.” I collected some cheesey sound effects from around the internet and Carrie brushed up on the birth process in Our Bodies, Ourselves. With script in hand, we produced this one-off wonder. Despite occasional thoughts about instructional tapes for department chairs or our cats, I think we will move on to other genres. . . .

5 replies on “Radio Super Bon: Fetus Training, Incorporated”

  1. Hilarious! (Though FAR more hilarious now that our feti are safely through the cervix).

    Yeah, this seems to be a niche for the two of you. Our cat needs some serious instruction for how to SHUT THE FUCK UP between the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 a.m. We’d pay cash money for instructional materials, if you create them.

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