Why I hate WebCT, Part III

This is part of an <a href=”http://superbon.net/?p=599″>ongoing</a> <a href=”http://superbon.net/?p=612″>series</a>.  

Coursepacks are due at the bookstore in mid July, and so I thought I’d get my big course together on time for a change, since I only require a few changes.  So I started plotting out my calendar for the year.  I go into WebCT and there’s my old course for 2007.  I move it to 2008.  Good.  Then I attempt to move the calendar dates from 2007 to 2008.  Nothing happens.  This is a problem, as I use the calendar to tell students when readings are due, and each entry has a link to reading questions, the reading itself, or other materials.  The dates won’t move, and all the links are broken.  I click on “help” and I get “an unexpected system exception has occurred.”  I already had to re-enter all of this data when I taught the course last fall.  If I have to do it again, I will seriously consider abandoning WebCT except for the gradebook.