Still need Canadian help, but now I can accept it.

First, apologies to those who tried to comment on the last post and couldn’t. I accidentally checked a box that is now unchecked in the control panel, so please, Canadians, I still need your help. How can I, a nonvoter, help prevent a conservative majority?

I don’t have a lot to say about the beginning of term except that my summer was so good I think I forgot how intense it is to be a chair. There is just a neverending stream of sensory input from all angles. All of my cleverness is being funneled into a SSHRC application today, so in lieu of something better from me, I am reprinting an email exchange in the form of a confession. There are some ways in which we will never be fully Canadian.

Hey Greg:

Under pre-NFL season conditions, I would say yes to this fine idea. But Sundays are all about the NFL for us – NFL Sunday ticket and all. This is one way in which we are both unashamedly American in our preference of football; I think I can safely speak for Jonathan here too.

We’ve been wanting to see an Alouettes game since we moved here as well. Are all the games on Sunday afternoons? If so, there’s simply no choice for me to make. The NFL will always win, even if I must choose televised over live.


On 9/7/08 10:55 PM, “Gregory Taylor” wrote:

Hey football-loving profs.
Mike Baker and I were thinking of going to an Alouettes game on Sept 21 (I think it’s against Edmonton but I’m not sure). You can get tickets for about $25 and I haven’t been to one since I moved here. We thought we’d see if you two might be interested. Might be a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. If we get enough there might be a group rate.

Think about it. Hope you guys had a good weekend.

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  1. You know, I have talked with grad students at a variety of social events (and would talk with undergrads if it came up) but I don’t feel comfortable campaigning in a class of 200, when the subject isn’t Canadian political comm and it wouldn’t really be apropos. Though come to think of it, I will be mentioning polls today when we do the 3rd person effect . . .

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