Chat Radioactif Part Deux

Part I is here.

Yes, for the second time in our five Canadian years, we have a radioactive cat. Ya-Ya was diagnosed with hyperthyroid this summer, but we couldn’t get him in to the vet before we went to Australia. This would have been ideal for us, as we wouldn’t have had to live cat-free for a week as we are now. Children were looking for him at last night’s chair reception for faculty and staff and we had to say he was on vacation. Watching TV is not the same without a cat. Neither is coming home, since Ya-Ya always comes to greet us (Tet did too back in the day). It’s weird. But on the upside, apart from the hyperthyroid, he’s in good health, and Tet lived for like 18 months after the procedure (and wasn’t in as good health to start with). So we are optimistic.

The main difference from the last time is that we now get pictures, and I know that you don’t caption cat pictures on the internet with word balloons. You caption them like lolz.

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