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Yet another short one. I feel like I keep doing these forum things when I should be doing full articles. Oh well, such is the life of a chair. I also have this book manuscript on its way, so I shouldn’t complain. Anyway, it’s timely and apropos, what with that Thomas H. Benton guy publishing another scare-the-students-screed in the Chronicle of Higher Ed (no link provided, as I don’t want to endorse it).

“The Pedagogy of the Job Market,” Journal of Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies 6:4 (December 2009): 421-424.

Also in that forum is a piece by Carole Blair on the politics of handbooks. There’s a little too much score-settling for my taste but I share some of her misgivings about the recent “handbook” craze among publishers. If you have access to a university that subscribes, this link should get you there (a VPN may be necessary).