Cancer Crawl Feb 21st

Weekends here are pretty quiet, which is actually kind of nice if you’re going to be trapped here. We had a couple visitors and the neighbors complained about the laughing (wasn’t mine–I’m inaudible).

The latest news, though still unofficial, is that I will be home, with my neck sewn (back) shut, by a week from tomorrow. But of course that’s an estimate and a lot can happen between now and then. I’ve been taking pictures of the place and documenting it, as not everyone winds up in the ostomy ward. I also have lots of thoughts on socialized medicine, hospitals as modern institutions, and all the usual academic banalities that I want to compose. But right now I’m just happy for internet tethering. Meantime, I was thinking of doing a “gross Q&A” post where all questions of that sort could be dealt with, if there are such questions. The pain is fresh, the hole is new, so ask away and I’ll answer later in the week. Plus everyone else who is too freaked out can just ignore that post.

People are not shy about suggesting pain medication around here, and so I am actually going to upgrade a little bit tonight in hopes of improving sleep. Believe it or not, I’m down to chewable Tylenol right now.

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  1. Good to hear from you here on the blog and hopefully soon in person…I am totally amazed at how your recovery is going…chewable Tylenol? Amazing. It really hasn’t been that long since the surgery. Anyhow, just to let you know that you’re in my thoughts. Greg, Mike, Peter and I watched your country beat us this evening. That sucked. Coming home to a new blog entry from you did not.

  2. it’s so good to see you back up on the blog and to read that you’re up and about. best warm wishes!

  3. upgrade the meds – chewable tylenol!? especially at night. let me know if i can pack a zopiclone for you – hoping to visit today. i finished a novel the other day, where the main character (named Charles Acland – no joke) gets out of the hospital with half a face and one eye left, angry and alienated and violent. everyone tries to figure out why he is too macho to take good pain medication.
    see you later, writing games props in hand…

  4. Jon – SO glad to hear and read that everything is proceeding well. Big thanks to Carrie for the updating while you were out. All the best in your recovery. I have every confidence you will beat this and be BETTER for it!
    I hope we can catch up in person sometime in the future. I’ll be in Toronto (I know you’re in Montreal) from April 29-May 9 playing a show ‘The Soul Of Gershwin”: a klezmer/jazz journey through the life of Gershwin. That’s the closest I’ll be.
    Peace and Healing – CB

  5. Ahoy Jon! We’re back in town (after some family surgery in Toronto -what is this…surgery season?) and we’re glad you’re doing well. is giving us all of the updates we need, but when you’re installed in Villeray, we’ll plan a visit. We’ll bring goodies!

    Jess, Rob and the boys

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