New Thyroid Cancer Canada Website

Thyroid Cancer Canada just launched their new website: I definitely don’t fit their main demographic but have found them to be an incredibly useful resource throughout my experience. Rita Banach their president, has worked tirelessly to update and modernize their web presence. Thyroid cancer is still underrepresented in the broader cultural discourse around cancer, and when it is, it is generally as “the good cancer,” which as you know, I hate. TCC has done lots to raise awareness and provide resources to people going through it, from all walks of life.

I’ve added links to them, and to the US-based Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association in my right panel.

If you’re looking for a place to donate some money, I would certainly recommend both organizations.

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  1. Hola, muy interesante tu blog.
    Leí que estarías en Rio en Agosto
    Quisiera que me comentaras si es una conferencia a la que se pueda asistir.
    Muchas gracias

  2. Thanks for the nice comments Jonathan and the link! I wouldn’t have likely seen this, if my friend didn’t tell me she googled to find our new site, and got a hit for your site instead — then she let me know what you said. P.S. the french word for thyroid is thyroide with an ‘e’ on the end — re: your side bar menu.

  3. Senatian: ¡Hola y lo siento para mi español! No sabe todos los detalles de la conferencia de Rio. Pero creo que será pública y pondré al día mi sitio con la información. No soy 100% confirmando todavía. Todo depende de la condición de mi voz después la radiacion externa.

    Rita: Thanks back at you. French is fixed!

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