Announcing an exciting new feature of cancer blogging: symptom Haikus! Since at the beginning of EBR I won’t be able to tell whether most symptoms are actual side effects or just things happening in my body, and they come on slowly and cumulatively, the minimalist form of the Haiku seems appropriate. It also gives form to “hmm, my neck itches. I wonder if it’s just itchy or if it means something more?” So, without further delay:


Seems my neck itches.
A bit of redness shows up.
Two days off. Try the cream.

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  1. this is really bitchin. some of the best haikus are about bodily functions. I remember a bunch of them about Olestra, a fake fat to be used in potato chips that was found to cause “anal leakage”:
    “Procter and Gamble/makes olestra and Pampers;/odd coincidence.”
    apparently there’s a rumor that a bunch of Carnegie Mellon students made an archive of these, but I can’t find it.

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