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  1. Hi J,
    I’ve been keeping up with superbon, etc. as much as possible, and it sounds like you’ve had a much more harrowing experience than I’ve had. I was recently introduced to an interesting article about a “thyroid cancer gene”–let me know if you’re interested in reading it, or if you’d rather puke instead (in reaction to reading the article & not as a coincidental side effect of EBR!). Even though I do so silently most of the time, I’m still keeping all my digits crossed that you get some satisfactory conclusions out of this at the (relative) end of your treatment. :0)

    But, I also have an unrelated (and yet related) question for you. After four interviews, but no job this past year, I’m on the market again. I was considering putting together a simple website with some of my stuff (vita, pubs, etc) on it, but was given advice that this might lead to my information being “out of my control.” Since you’ve gone the other direction completely, I’m wondering if you had any energy to philosophize on this for a moment?

    Haiku on, oh sage.

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