Sabbatical Rules

Which can of course be considered a complete sentence or a set of guidelines. Let me assent to the former and get on to the latter. I may add more latter.

1. Just because I’m blogging while on sabbatical doesn’t mean I have time to do work for other people that I didn’t have when I wasn’t on sabbatical (cancer obviously excepted).
2. I am not allowed to work for more than 40 hours in a given week. Delivering a talk at a conference counts as time on the clock.
3. No rushing, hurrying, or emergencies.
4. Limit all commitments.
5. Make life decisions based on JRo’s “Good Times Program.” Like all post-theological life doctrines, this one requires some personal interpretation. (This will be the subject of a future post).
6. Accept the possibility that I may be becoming more of a morning person.
7. Pursuant to #6, my own work happens each day before I even consider doing anything for other people.
8. Have new experiences.
9. Undertake as much nondirected reading as possible.
10. Limit multitasking, be in the moment. Except if it’s fun (like browsing the newspaper during a football game on TV).