On a happier note, but still on recommendations

I would like to offer a few words in praise of the sheer wondrous awesomeness of the windowed envelope.

I have written many hundreds of letters of recommendation over my career. Although a sizeable number are now electronic, many are still in paper. For years I had an extra step in printing out recs in the form of printing out (or worse, adding labels to or hand-addressing envelopes). But here at CASBS, they have a ready supply of windowed envelopes. Print out the letter, fold it right, put it in the the address displaying, and you’ve saved some labor. It may sound small but when the number of letters starts to add up, this single step is a major boon to my quality of life. Apparently, this is not a common practice, since many of my own recommenders asked for one or another way to get the address onto the envelope. All those PhDs, including mine, and nobody figured it out until now. This is so revolutionary that I will make it my personal mission to make sure there are window envelopes in AHCS when I return next year.

If you write a lot of recommendations like I do, then it is with great enthusiasm that I recommend the windowed envelope to you. I support it wholeheartedly and without reservation.