One reply on “Things you can’t do in the winter climates I’m used to:”

  1. Ahhh, but you are missing the most beautiful Quebec snow-fall. Jas, Nomad and I are back for x-mass with the Jacques clan and I’m not sure if its been snowing for five days or if the wind is just swirling fresh snow around in pockets of air. Anyway, it feels, in St. Anne de la Rochelle at least, like we’re living in a desk top snow-globe. On x-mass night the grown-ups and children went walking through the woods with lanterns…snow on the pine trees, a 3/4 moon cutting through the blue tinted sky…and uncle Gilles came ho, ho, ho stumbling through the forest dressed in red with his white faux beard strapped over the top of his gray beard. As our fingers slowly froze, those of us old enough to do so debated the ethics of lying to children so brazenly. Nomad is still oblivious, but I think I will whisper the truth into his ear in the “nick” of time. It sets a bad precedent.

    Wish you were here!!!



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