Walking up and down the hall


This was the space I travelled — frequently — at this time last year.  Tonight, Carrie and I dine with a friend at Chez Panisse (the cheap part) and tomorrow we fly to Los Angeles for the Experience Music Project Pop Conference at UCLA.  I remember that I kept asking the doctors whether I’d be able to make it to California, and they kept saying yes.

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  1. It was very good but not a-may-zing. What I loved, however, was the space it was in (and the politics of the place). Because it’s a 1970s kind of place, it lacks that giant cavern and no-soft-surfaces vibe that is part of contemporary dining. I have come to hate that vibe as it makes restaurants loud and therefore physically demanding. Foodwise, I like the Greens better, but I hear tell of a place called Ubuntu up north that’s supposed to be even better.

    We should get together sometime in the near future.

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