Carrie and I both got fellowships to do a four week digital humanities institute at USC. So we’ll be heading down, and hopefully spending about six weeks in LA from 1 July-15 August. Now we just need to find a place to stay. The LA trip is great for several reasons: the compare/contrast with northern California, the chance to see LA friends, the chance to extend my comparative burrito studies project, and the chance to extend our sabbatical travel a little longer.

We’ll get back to Montreal two weeks before the first day of class. That will be a little stressful in terms of getting set up again, but our colleagues tell us re-entry is hell, so maybe a “pull the band-aid off fast” approach is better.

Officially our sabbaticals end September 1st, and my first teaching is at 11:30am on that day (COMS 608: Sound Studies). I am tempted to throw a party the night of the 31st, just to eek out every last bit of awesomeness.

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  1. Hopefully we can catch up when you are at USC! Are there any Annenberg fellows at the institute you will be working at?

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