Liveblogging the Canadian Election from California

J: I just bought a Quebec flag on Amazon. Also, CBC’s glee at Duceppe’s loss (vs. Ignatieff’s) is palpable.

J: Ignatieff on the liberals: “I am the humble heir of that tradition. And I didn’t come into politics to see it die.” Um. Oops.

C: Are we gonna watch this all night or what? It’s Ignatieff. I’m having to entertain myself with deflating balloons.

J: The liberals did not “trigger the desire for change.”

J: Once again, CBC protects Canadians from Anglos speaking bad French. Well done!

J: Go Olivia Chow. But seriously, we are doomed.

J: How can Peter Mansbridge be losing his voice? He’s been on the air for an hour.

C: Why are we hearing from Conrad Black?

J: CBC: “Eclipse of separatists in Quebec” — um, has anyone looked at the PQ’s rising fortunes?

Dewrek Nystrom will summarize his [Facebook] news feed at the moment:
Canadians: anguish, despair, terror (due to Conservatives winning a majority in tonight’s election).
Americans: La, la, la, there’s a cockroach in my bathroom; hey, here’s a FB quiz I took about my favorite Kinks song, la, la, la.

J: Well, that was brief. I think I prefer the six hour runup to misery engineered by the US press for elections for this side of the border.

J: CBC calls conservative majority. Shoot me now.

J: Ugh. Conservatives at 166. The NDP is not the big story here.

C: Commentator: “Quebec is a huge wild card in Canadian politics.” Woo-hoo! It’s fun to live in a wild card.

J: WTF is a Centre-Right Liberal?

C: I am extremely pissed about the glee of the Anglo broadcasters at the Bloc’s losses. The woman interviewing Vivenne Barbot could hardly contain herself.

J: It’s amateur hour at CBC. They’ve got a crappy “fake responsive” (<--Carrie) screen, somebody keeps typing right next to an open microphone. TURN OFF THE MIC. CLICK CLICK CLICK. Live on CBC via internet. Our comments. In reverse order! (J = me, c= Carrie)

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