Amateur and Professional Music Night

Last night we attended our neighbourhood casseroles protest at 8, but had to get down to Metropolis for the MUTEK show by 10. So we only marched a few blocks. 75% of the satisfaction but 25% of the exercise. We’ll miss the protests tonight and tomorrow but I gather they will be happening for a long time with Charest walking out of talks with the students after offering them a $1 reduction over the original proposed fees. That’s right. The government dropped their offer $1.

The protest was in great form as usual (see below). As to the show, I realized that most of the laptop performances are things I see at conferences without Carrie. So it was interesting for us both to go and talk about live electronic music, especially after les breastfeeders put on one of the best lives rock shows I’ve seen in a long time Monday night. More on that when we’re done going to shows for the festival. Last night was Shackleton, Monolake (who has a thing or two to say about live performance with electronics and who stole the show) and Jeff Mills. I am delighted to hear some of my favourite electronic acts live, and also to discover some new ones (Robin Fox laser show? HIGHLY recommended.)

Short version:

Long version:

Also, my favourite sign so far–I haven’t seen a good picture of it yet:

Villeray Désobéit