[Crickets Chirping]

..and that was 2012.  Sorry for the silence here.  I’ve been lax about posting links to interviews and other media appearances here (doing so instead on twitter and facebook) — which is bad because a blog is a much better archive.(1)  It’s also not enclosed inside someone else’s proprietary scheme (let us not speak of which moments Facebook’s algorithm chose for me as my 2012 highlights).

This fall was an absurdly busy and surprisingly difficult term in some ways–despite some really wonderful highlights–which deserves a proper autopsy.  In the meantime, I’ve got some grading to finish up and a couple deadlines to hit, so please excuse my return to silence.

One of the nice things about a blog is that you can leave it and come back to it, which is apparently what I do.  2013 will bring some more content as I move into new undertakings.

1.  MP3 has been getting lots of nice reviews, too (best review title goes to “Music for Cat Heads” in the Dutch magazine Gonzo (circus)) , but I haven’t been systematic in compiling them in part because I have a strange physical aversion to reading them.  My eyes glaze over and I can’t make it through.


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