one reason I was away for so long–I got hacked

PS –As to the neglect of the blog, that’s a whole other story, but one of the big issues was that my site got hacked some time ago. On the advice of my ISP, I hired to fix it, they made a much bigger mess than they started with, and eventually I had to hire Michael VanDeMar to re-do the work, who charged me considerably less and did the job right. In short, I’d recommend Michael to anyone who needs their site cleaned, and if I ever have that problem again, I’ll go back to him.

Sitelock, on the other hand, I would not recommend under any circumstances for the following reasons: they are very expensive, they do not disclose to you that there is a limit on the number of pages they will scan (and you don’t get to choose which pages), they claim to do a complete clean-up when they do a partial clean-up, they do not answer support emails but they do harass you to renew and pay them more money. They appear to have some deal with my hosting company, ipower, who told me they would stop blocking my site if I had sitelock clean my site. In short, STAY AWAY, it’s a rip-off.

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