Tuesday Dinner / Today Lunch Report

Tastebuds are mostly back!

Tuesday night I arrived home tired, and didn’t feel like cooking. t took out some left over tabbouleh from the weekend. I ate it and thought “wow, this tastes good.”  When I realized that 3-day old tabbouleh doesn’t usually taste better than newer tabbouleh, I went over to the butter dish, rubbed my finger on a little butter and tasted it.  Wow!  Butter!  Then I tasted some salt.  Wow!  Too salty!  So my taste appears to be mostly back.  I’m still not sure I’d season food for other people but soon I’ll get up the courage to try.

Today I ate a corporate burrito for lunch, which was surprisingly good, though it still has a certain number of errors that can only be called Canadian.  For instance, it was grilled. The company may advertise “mission style burritos” but I have never had a burrito grilled for me in the actual Mission.  At least the salsa wasn’t sweet (also a common problem in Quebec).

The other problem with the burrito is that I bought it from a big corporation that has a deal with McGill, instead of from an awesome student group like I usually do, because the administration has put a stop to students selling burritos in the building next to mine.

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