Here’s some good news

The drugs appear to be working.

Last week I had my semi-annual CT scan, and I got my results Thursday. The two largest tumours have shrunk by just under 1cm each. Now, before you get too excited, remember that remission is not on the table here. The goal of this therapy is to stop the cancer from growing. This is a chronic illness scenario, not a magic bullet scenario (at least on this protocol). So the shrinkage is visual evidence, confirming the blood evidence, that the Lenvima is working.

Yes, I am absolutely delighted.

I also don’t have to see my Onco for another month. So things are getting routine.

Side effects report:
I started taking Lyrica for my hand pain. The first week I started forgetting nouns again, though not as much. Nothing changed. 10 days in I was all like “this is bullshit, I’m getting off this” and the next day I woke up with no tingling in my hands. BUT: it does nothing for hyperaesthesia–my hands are still super sensitive. AND after talking with some people, I’m starting to think it may be the source of my tiredness. So, I may go off it. We’ll see. Tingly hands is better than needing 90 extra minutes of sleep per night and tiring out more easily.

Digestion is still a wild card from day to day. I will spare you the details.

I am still having foot issues, though epsom salt baths help. Carrie and I have cooked up all sorts of metaphorical descriptions for what the bottom of my heels look like.

I still get dizzy really easily. I am probably going to bring a cane to tonight’s Galaxie/Tribe Called Red show to see if that helps in stand up rock show contexts.

Blood pressure is still a little on the high side.