Health update / McGill Bullshits on Divestment

Health update: I went back to the oncologist today. My tumour marker is back down, which means last time was a blip, or variance, or measurement error. Which is what I expected. The BP drugs are still not working so we are trying yet another one. Which is good because I’m getting monster headaches from one that I’m on right now. No other interesting symptoms to report at this time.

In other news, McGill recently announced they were “reducing the carbon footprint of their investment portfolio” which is a bullshit-PR way of saying that they are either too afraid to divest from fossil fuels or that they actually don’t believe we are in a world-historical climate crisis. I don’t know which it is, but at some point one has to ask why divestment is possible for plenty of other Canadian universities, but not McGill. As of yet, the Board of Governors has not offered a convincing explanation.