..and a quick update on me

I’m fine. No really. You can write to say “hi” if you want, but you can worry about someone else (like all your friends who live alone).

I am “somewhat immunocompromised” according to my oncologist, so I’m doing what everyone else is, mostly staying home. For stuff outside the house, I am being careful.

I’ve been sleeping fine, and eating well, and reading and writing. I got bored watching the Sanders-Biden debate last night. I’ve got writing to do and recordings to nudge and an instrument to practice. There is a lot of stuff on TV. We have made some good food. The cats are happy to have us around.

We are not under self-quarantine, because we arrived back in Quebec several days before 12th of March, but we’re still playing it safe.

I’ll write a longer post about stuff on Wednesday, which is the 1-year anniversary of being on Lenvima.