Congratulations to Chemicals; Censure to People

It’s time to congratulate some pills and some part or another of my biochemistry. All I did was take 3 pills every night (plus a bunch of others for side effects).

It’s only been a couple weeks since my last update but I switched some drugs around so I had to be checked up on. The good news: my tumour marker is down to .4. That is very low–the lowest I’ve been in years and. the best my oncologist has seen. I’ve got a scan on August 4th, so that’s the next thing, which means an oncology appointment on my 50th birthday. Not normally what you want but I’ll take it since the scan should reflect the good news we are seeing in the bloods.

Side effects are about the same. I’ve got a blister/callous assemblage on my right big toe that doesn’t look like much but is keeping me from going on regular walks which is a bit of a bummer. Digestion is relatively well behaved, considering. Blood pressures are decent with the suite of drugs I’m on.

So, censure. Yesterday I went to get my blood drawn at 3pm which meant I was one of the last people for the phlebotomy room in the cancer centre. The nurse on duty told me a bunch people had been really rude to her that day (she’s black and obviously an immigrant from her accent so there’s that too). It boggles the mind — being a regular I get to know the staff, I’ve seen her go out of her way to get things right and she’s actually funny. The Gazette ran a story about people being real nasty to staff at restaurants. I’m not going to a restaurant any time soon but I guarantee you when I do, it will be a cause for celebration. What’s going on with people? Why are they being such, well, dicks?