Cancer Crawl, 1 June 2024

(Good news post coming Monday, music post on Wednesday.)

Just to keep this story going: I finished my 5 doses of external beam radiation on Monday the 27th. Apart from wondering whether the itching I felt was normal itching vs radiation itching (hard to tell) there was no pain or discomfort. They say it takes 1-2 weeks after finishing before side effects subside, so something could still come on in the next 7 days, but I’m optimistic. I am feeling enough fatigue to complain about it. I’ve been off Lenvima (cancer meds) for the radiation, but am still waking up tired, even after long sleeps; I am getting weird headaches, etc. It could also be a partial concussion relapse but there is no way to test or know. Except it feels a bit different from concussion symptoms, so I’m choosing to blame the radiation. I have been doing some work stuff, which is honestly nice because I was missing it, but I’m taking it easy this weekend.

External beam radiation takes awhile to have all its effects, so we’ll know more at the beginning of August, when I have my next CT scan. I go back on Lenvima next week.