New Text: The Low Acuity for Blue: Perceptual Technics and American Color Television

(coauthored with Dylan Mulvin) “The Low Acuity for Blue: Perceptual Technics and American Color Television,” Journal of Visual Culture 13:2 (August 2014): 118-138. This piece is the first of a pair of articles on colour television that Dylan Mulvin and I wrote together (the second has been accepted to Television and New Media and will appear in 2015 […]

The War of 1812: A Comparative Study in Nationalist Mythology

After having an anxiety dream last week about Tuesday morning’s citizenship exam, I got serious about studying for it. We’ve made flash cards and are practicing on a daily basis. It’s probably overkill, since immigrants who have English as a second language and not much schooling also have to be able to pass the test, […]

Canada: What a nice country . . .

A few days ago, we received letters from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) giving us notice to appear at citizenship tests . . . on June 3rd! That was about two months earlier than I expected. Unfortunately/fortunately, we’ll be in Oregon as Carrie’s giving two talks at UO, so I called their toll-free number. I […]