The War of 1812: A Comparative Study in Nationalist Mythology

After having an anxiety dream last week about Tuesday morning’s citizenship exam, I got serious about studying for it. We’ve made flash cards and are practicing on a daily basis. It’s probably overkill, since immigrants who have English as a second language and not much schooling also have to be able to pass the test, […]

Canada: What a nice country . . .

A few days ago, we received letters from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) giving us notice to appear at citizenship tests . . . on June 3rd! That was about two months earlier than I expected. Unfortunately/fortunately, we’ll be in Oregon as Carrie’s giving two talks at UO, so I called their toll-free number. I […]

Canadian Census Review

This afternoon, I filled out the Canadian census and the voluntary Canada Household Survey. I’m not sure how close the latter is to the Long Form census that Harper nixed, but it was certainly more thorough than the short form, which asked almost nothing demographically, sociologically or historically useful. The survey asked questions about religion, […]