Canadian Census Review

This afternoon, I filled out the Canadian census and the voluntary Canada Household Survey. I’m not sure how close the latter is to the Long Form census that Harper nixed, but it was certainly more thorough than the short form, which asked almost nothing demographically, sociologically or historically useful. The survey asked questions about religion, […]

Canadian Election 2011: Instant Analysis (before reading the morning papers, anyway)

There will be lots of talk about this or that epoch changing development. That’s great for pundits, but we need only look back to the ADQ’s recent victory and then subsequent demise in Quebec politics for a cautionary tale. The New Democrats have a chance to really become a major force nationally, but that is […]

Liveblogging the Canadian Election from California

J: I just bought a Quebec flag on Amazon. Also, CBC’s glee at Duceppe’s loss (vs. Ignatieff’s) is palpable. J: Ignatieff on the liberals: “I am the humble heir of that tradition. And I didn’t come into politics to see it die.” Um. Oops. C: Are we gonna watch this all night or what? It’s […]

Don’t we already have coalitions?

I have been following the coverage of the Canadian election with my usual-wish-I-could-vote interest. Everyone is so exercised about coalitions. But Canada’s a constitutional monarchy. It’s got a parliament. What exactly do you call it when no party wins a majority and then other parties vote with them to keep them in power? I think […]

Race, Nation, Canada

The comments section below this linked op-ed on multiple citizenship nicely illustrates the suspicions many white Canadians still entertain towards multiple citizenship for immigrants. Given the Canadian reputation for tolerance among Americans, I always have an instinctive surprise when I read comments like this. But there you have it. I have never given much thought […]