Don’t we already have coalitions?

I have been following the coverage of the Canadian election with my usual-wish-I-could-vote interest. Everyone is so exercised about coalitions. But Canada’s a constitutional monarchy. It’s got a parliament. What exactly do you call it when no party wins a majority and then other parties vote with them to keep them in power? I think […]

Race, Nation, Canada

The comments section below this linked op-ed on multiple citizenship nicely illustrates the suspicions many white Canadians still entertain towards multiple citizenship for immigrants. Given the Canadian reputation for tolerance among Americans, I always have an instinctive surprise when I read comments like this. But there you have it. I have never given much thought […]

Someone’s got my number

I read more and more Montreal blogs — ones that deal with the city and with urban (and suburban) questions in general. I’ve got a postdoc interested in communication infrastructure and the US/Canadian landscape, and I’m reawakening to old interests in urban planning and suburban form as I start to get inklings of post-mp3-book projects. […]

Canadians: Tell the CRTC to regulate traffic shaping

Many Canadian Internet Service Providers practice traffic shaping during high-usage periods, which means that while they may sell you a connection at a particular speed (e.g., 10mbps), they may actively slow down your connection if you are using peer to peer software or doing something else they don’t like. To be clear: the regulation issue […]