Quebec National Day of Action

Politics in Quebec, Montreal and McGill are as hot as they’ve been since last September. We are in the midst of a general student strike against proposed tuition increases. Today is the national day of action, which is getting Canada-wide press coverage and deserves international coverage. I’m at a conference right now and haven’t been […]

Update: MAUT disingenuous?

Last night’s message from the provost indicated that The University has a signed agreement with MUNACA representatives, designating animal care as an “essential service”. These essential services will ensure that proper care of animals will be maintained for the duration of the strike. For specific details as they relate to your area, please contact Dr. […]

McGill University Non-Academic Workers on Strike

MUNACA, McGill’s union of non-academic professionals, went on strike yesterday at 6am. MUNACA members do a great deal of the work that keeps the university running. Our department has three MUNACA staff, and I depend mightily upon them as a faculty member. In my time as grad director and then chair, I got to know […]


Okay, it’s not in French and it’s not Quebec-specific. And yet, scenes from the new show Portlandia do remind me of Montreal. –You can go to clown school. Check. –Where young people go to retire. Check. –Obsession with where food came from. Check. –High hipster quotient. Check. We spent just over 24 hours in Portland […]

1111: we live in an era where dates have interesting numeric sequences

For the first time probably since childhood, I didn’t stay up to see the years turn over. There’s nothing spectacular about that decision — just a mix of jet lag, just getting back from Minnesota and that our main social event around the new year happens to be today instead of last night. Though I […]