Okay, it’s not in French and it’s not Quebec-specific. And yet, scenes from the new show Portlandia do remind me of Montreal. –You can go to clown school. Check. –Where young people go to retire. Check. –Obsession with where food came from. Check. –High hipster quotient. Check. We spent just over 24 hours in Portland […]

1111: we live in an era where dates have interesting numeric sequences

For the first time probably since childhood, I didn’t stay up to see the years turn over. There’s nothing spectacular about that decision — just a mix of jet lag, just getting back from Minnesota and that our main social event around the new year happens to be today instead of last night. Though I […]


One of my goals for this year was some serious introspection so as to return to my Montreal life with a clearer head. I am not sure if I have simply not done enough of it, or if it’s simply a matter of being outside of my normal “zone” and having epiphanies now and then. […]


It wasn’t my first encounter with the US healthcare system since moving to Canada but it was instructive. It’s time for my various thyroid-related blood tests. I have my orders from my doctor in Montreal. I need to pay out of pocket, at least at first (I can petition Quebec to cover the costs but […]