Okay, it’s not in French and it’s not Quebec-specific. And yet, scenes from the new show Portlandia do remind me of Montreal. –You can go to clown school. Check. –Where young people go to retire. Check. –Obsession with where food came from. Check. –High hipster quotient. Check. We spent just over 24 hours in Portland […]

If I had liveblogged last night’s circus performance, it would go something like this

(Outside, before the performance) It sure looks like one of those clowns is going to hit a child with a pin. (Inside, waiting for the performance) This place looks like a school. Oh wait, it is a school. A circus school. A torrential downpour. Wind is blowing over flags and stuff. And the title of […]

Someone’s got my number

I read more and more Montreal blogs — ones that deal with the city and with urban (and suburban) questions in general. I’ve got a postdoc interested in communication infrastructure and the US/Canadian landscape, and I’m reawakening to old interests in urban planning and suburban form as I start to get inklings of post-mp3-book projects. […]

More on Sainte-Marie: Really Reclassified

Last weekend we wandered in and out of some of the attractions of Portes ouvertes design Montreal. There were lots of highlights: I was very impressed with the augmented reality work of Moment Factory. But recycling was big this year and a number of architecture, design and fashion outfits trumpeted their ecological approach. One such […]