Recording School

Last night, I attended a “Q&A and discussion of mixes by attendees” featuring Larry Crane at Hotel2Tango Studios. I first learned about Larry through his magazine Tape Op, who is now the world’s second- or third-largest circulation recording magazine. I discovered it in the 1990s at Quimby’s bookstore in Chicago, when I was there to […]

Heavy Artillery Mittens

Yes, it’s cold here like everywhere north of the south, and when the weather is this cold, it appears to be actually interesting to talk about. I am fond of telling people that it got down to -40 when I interviewed for this job and I actually liked it. I stayed over the weekend and […]

So there I was tonight

in the theater, watching “Get Smart” with Carrie and a couple friends, and what do I see? The Arts Building! The place where I work. Then the main character drives around the driveway in front of the Arts building. And you can see the McGill red and white colored flowers, and the banner hanging off […]

A Montréal List

I’ve never done the “hey, welcome to my 638th post” sort of thing on this blog, but this marks our fourth summer in Montreal. With increasing frequency (probably because this was a big year for conferences in town) we get asked about places to go and things to do. So I’ve started a “Montréal List” […]