A Montréal List

I’ve never done the “hey, welcome to my 638th post” sort of thing on this blog, but this marks our fourth summer in Montreal. With increasing frequency (probably because this was a big year for conferences in town) we get asked about places to go and things to do. So I’ve started a “Montréal List” (and yes, the accent is essential). It’s very rudimentary at the moment (basically a cut and paste from an email I sent) but will be an ongoing project, or maybe even subdivide into pages. And yes, it’s a blatant ripoff of the list at “…an endless banquet” here and here, which is more developed, has way more hipster cred and has been around longer and has actual commentary on everything, but does not always match our tastes.

Anyway, the list is now conveniently located in “Les Basics”. I invite you to have a look and make suggestions.