Our Metro Stop

Midnight Poutine has been running a “metro roulette” series for some time where they review metro stations (they’re not the only ones, it turns out).  I remember reading the <a href=”http://www.midnightpoutine.ca/city/2006/06/metro_roulette_jarry/” target=”_blank”>Jarry</a> entry some time ago and lsat night for some reason had occasion to point Carrie to it.  The author does a quick walkabout of <a href=”http://www.metrodemontreal.com/orange/jarry/index.html” target=”_blank”>our station</a> and the neighborhood and of course misses many of the things important to us now that we live here.  But I forgot about the ending, which is priceless:

<blockquote>Some of you Plateau types are probably reading this going: “As if I’m ever gonna end up at Metro Jarry.” Just remember, the anglo-hipster migration is traditionally northward. I’ve heard people reminisce about the days when Mont-Royal was too far north. Nowadays, people are starting to creep into Petite Patrie. Jarry isn’t far off. Jarry could be your future.</blockquote>