A quick miscellaneous entry: — the Montréal list keeps expanding. We may need to supplement with a “top 10.” I am trying to convince Carrie to be the curator. — Yesterday I had an interesting discussion about why women finish their books later than men do. Future subject of an academe post, no doubt — […]

So there I was tonight

in the theater, watching “Get Smart” with Carrie and a couple friends, and what do I see? The Arts Building! The place where I work. Then the main character drives around the driveway in front of the Arts building. And you can see the McGill red and white colored flowers, and the banner hanging off […]

On the lighter side…

I’m on vacation until school starts. My parents were here for 5 days, which was nice although it was a bit treacherous going out with them. I think they may come in warmer weather in future years. They left on Christmas, and since then it’s been a bit of socializing and self-care, which means finishing […]

Michael Moore — “Sicko” (mild spoilers, if you can spoil a documentary)

In recent years, Moore has become a sort of vexed figure. Under constant attack from the right, the left doesn’t quite know what to do with him. He’s a propagandist after all, so there are some sins of omission and some naked attempts to persuade. I feel as though in recent years leftists have maybe […]