Ready to Fight Back, Only Too Late

Despite my vegetarianism, one of my favorite attractions at the Minnesota State Fair (which, if you don’t know, is the best state fair in the world) was always the bad taxidermy. Although I would say bizarre is a better term for it, Carrie and I passed by a barber on Liège while walking around the neighborhood the other day. Pardon the window glare, but it’s not every barber who’s got taxidermy in the window.

We also discovered that the former Jo-El patisserie on Liège right next door is under new ownership, with no new name as of yet, but they are definitely in full effect. The croissants were the best we’ve had in the neighborhood. And the new owner, Lucy, showed us cool pictures of the place from the 1940s. Turns out the facade had art-deco-y glass blocks until the owner failed to properly light the gas oven one day and an explosion blew them all out.

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  1. This is a comment in regards to a prior post you made about “In Effect in Villeray” , but comments were closed on that page. We just wanted to say thanks for summarizing the neighborhood so well. We too are Americans living in Montreal and are in the process of getting an apartment in Villeray. Hearing your kind words about the neighborhood helped satisfy us that it was a good neighborhood to be in.

    In addition, you have a very impressive blog!

    Jonathan & Jen

  2. Hey, Thanks! Maybe we should do an “Americans in Villeray” blog adventure/collaboration next summer or something. I have no idea what that would be, though.

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