Revisiting the Toronto School: Edmund Carpenter

In print I have had some harsh words to say about the so-called Toronto School’s treatment of sound (that’s so-called “Canadian School” to some Americans, but pretend I didn’t say that) in the concept of orality, and I shall have a few more in print shortly. But in preparation for that, I’ve taken a couple […]

We Are The Gentrifiers

In comparing our building–a redone calendar factory–with the other dwellings in our neighborhood–more typical Montreal brick duplexes or triplexes–I often joke that we are the gentrifiers. But it’s actually not a joke at all. I knew this intellectually, but now it’s been driven home for me. We are now literally (in the literal sense of […]

Denounced by the Lawyer for Rush

Now that doesn’t happen every day. Yesterday I was part of a panel on sampling and copyright called “Cramping My Sampling” at the Pop and Policy Conference. The panel was set up for each person to give a 5-7 minute spiel and then the panelists talked with one another, after which the floor was opened […]

Flag a Day

I recently received an email from an artist named Greta Pratt, who has undertaken an interesting project and blog called “Flag a Day,” meant to comment on the commercialization of American patriotism. It wasn’t up this evening when I tried it, but hopefully by the time you read this, it will be back up. She […]