The American Anthropological Association meets next fall in Montreal. I’m excited to see some friends, and when some colleagues asked me to be on a panel, I agreed. Little did I know that the paper submission process involved a money grab by AAA, and that their conference registration system has no provision for participation from […]

When good software goes bad

Somewhere in these pages I have extolled the virtues of Entourage as an email client. I used to be a devotee of Eudora, but I switched over to allow Entourage to interface more fully with McGill’s exchange server. Plus, I liked how it integrated email, calendar and address book. But today, somehow, my “database” got […]

A Canadian DMCA

The Conservative government cleverly tabled Bill C-61 shortly after a massive and public apology to First Nations people over the horrific school system that  attempted to forcibly assimilate generations of First Nations people.  The press focused on the First Nations apology, as it should have.  Canada’s history on matters of race is not pretty, and […]