The American Anthropological Association meets next fall in Montreal. I’m excited to see some friends, and when some colleagues asked me to be on a panel, I agreed. Little did I know that the paper submission process involved a money grab by AAA, and that their conference registration system has no provision for participation from […]


Our fantasy football league draft was scheduled for 9pm. I have been working from home online all afternoon with no problem. At 8:45, as we’re getting ready, the modem goes down and says our Sympatico username is invalid. One hour on the phone with a script-reading tech support person and multiple resets and it finally […]

2 hours 30 minutes on the phone with Bell customer service in the last 48

I feel like Kevin Dillon’s character on Entourage even writing this stuff down (he’s the one who flies into a rage when they screw up his order at Starbucks), but really, between the insipid hold music, the endless proliferation of account numbers and dollar totals and the inability to get a straight answer other than […]

NFL in Toronto? Reports of the death of the CFL are greatly exaggerated + Telcos are lame

I confess that when reading sports sections, I tend to prefer to read stuff about the business of sport over the stuff about players. For the past few weeks, there has been a buzz in the Canadian press (especially the Globe and Mail) about the possibility of a group of Toronto businessmen purchasing the Buffalo […]