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  1. Ha. I was reading about your headings for these posts and it brought back memories of doing endless calculations. Not OCD and not a math genius, but I used to compute the fractions, percentages and ratios of days completed and those which were left. I despaired that there was a stat Monday close to the end of my treatment which disturbed the appointment patterns I visualized while I was in the “Zone” alone. You also reminded me of the repeated patterns of the worker bees and how it marked the passage of time in there. And I counted. The seconds it took to go down the elevator, the number of solid blue vs. patterned patient gowns, the number of steps from the waiting room and the clicks of the radiation machine’s collimator leaves circling around me. I never found a pattern to that–some days clockwise, other days sounded the reverse? In either case the mental calisthenics gave me respite from thoughts of what I was consenting to at the biological level. I think of you everyday during this journey of yours (love the haikus) and send best wishes to you and yours.

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