Our fantasy football league draft was scheduled for 9pm. I have been working from home online all afternoon with no problem. At 8:45, as we’re getting ready, the modem goes down and says our Sympatico username is invalid. One hour on the phone with a script-reading tech support person and multiple resets and it finally works though it still gives the username invalid response. Her explanation of why it went down? “It’s your Macintosh, sir.” Yes, that’s why my connection randomly went down and my username and password — that Bell sets and over which I have no control– suddenly stopped working.

Draft’s over and the computer did it for us. I’m sure we’ll do fine but that’s exactly what Zizek is talking about when he says you don’t want to mess with people’s enjoyment. I would have been much happier if it had gone down earlier while I was doing course prep stuff.