Some Suggested Directions for Canadian Copyright Law

Israel recently reformed its copyright code, and given that it shares many of the same intellectual property issues as Canada, its path is instructive. Although there is much talk that Canada must adopt DMCA-like anti-circumvention measures (a provision that even authors of the DMCA now disown), it appears that small countries with big knowledge economies […]


When I logged into vdeck to upload my photo, I was informed by ipowerweb (my hosting service) that my account was being “migrated” to a new server and that it was in the “quality assurance stage.” This can only mean one thing: something will go totally haywire with my website in the next few days […]

Denounced by the Lawyer for Rush

Now that doesn’t happen every day. Yesterday I was part of a panel on sampling and copyright called “Cramping My Sampling” at the Pop and Policy Conference. The panel was set up for each person to give a 5-7 minute spiel and then the panelists talked with one another, after which the floor was opened […]