Really cool sound recording project

Aleks Kolkowski has been recording all manner of contemporary artists with a 1909 Edison wax cylinder phonograph. The results are pretty incredible. I am especially fond of the electronic music section for its historical juxtapositions. (laptop + circuit bent keyboards + who knows?) + cylinder = Meat Sweats Cylinder by phonographies Theremin + cylinder = […]

Denounced by the Lawyer for Rush

Now that doesn’t happen every day. Yesterday I was part of a panel on sampling and copyright called “Cramping My Sampling” at the Pop and Policy Conference. The panel was set up for each person to give a 5-7 minute spiel and then the panelists talked with one another, after which the floor was opened […]

Quick Updates

Sometimes my life here feels like a series of events planned by other people. Which is absolutely wonderful — there is always something going on — but of course one important part of life is maintaining friendships on one’s own time and in one’s own way and not under the rubric of an “event.” In […]