Really cool sound recording project

Aleks Kolkowski has been recording all manner of contemporary artists with a 1909 Edison wax cylinder phonograph. The results are pretty incredible. I am especially fond of the electronic music section for its historical juxtapositions. (laptop + circuit bent keyboards + who knows?) + cylinder = Meat Sweats Cylinder by phonographies Theremin + cylinder = […]

Audio in Digital Humanities Authorship: A Roadmap (version 0.5)

Background: 0.1. Existing digital humanities work has largely reproduced visualist biases in the humanities: work with images and audiovisual texts has been thus far assumed to be more primary than work with sound as a text. And yet, sound is one of the major areas where huge gains could be made in digital publication. As […]


In Sunday’s forthcoming NY Times. I can’t talk much (or really at all on the phone) but I can answer questions over email. The conversation was considerably longer than the quote, of course, but I am interested in the idea of the web as a more or less silent medium that is punctuated by sound. […]

Questions About Sound

Some questions arrived in the mail this morning from Ekpektatwa, an interdisciplinary arts project in Poland. I decided to warm up by answering them. I think they really wanted an essay, but I went with point form. Sometimes it’s more fun just to answer the questions. 1). What is silence for You? Is it a […]