Brilliant? Upsetting? You Decide WARNING: graphic cartoon violence awaits you, but no more graphic than anything that happened in the movie Alien. Accomplishments of the weekend: –Two consecutive nights of socializing (note: social life less of an issue since end of semester, Thursday was deliberately taken off) –Discovery of Lombardi Italian Restaurant –Made Baby’s First Powerpoint Movie — […]

Snow Removal

here is an absolute spectacle. One large plow and two small ones come to clear the road and sidewalk, and then this giant vaccuum thing comes and sucks up the snow. It’s wild. Before it all starts a siren sounds and people move their cars, or they get towed around the corner. . . .

“You Need a Headset”

Like everyone else I get songs in my head and can’t get them out. But they sound different these days. I am not making this up. A couple weeks ago, the music in my head started to sound different — more detailed, with a wider stereo “soundstage” (that’s such a silly sounding term). I thought […]