Now Available in Tampa

We’ve been in Tampa for two days now, and it’s definitely a southern “new” city. The conference hotel, like the Jungian archetypal conference hotel, is located near nothing of great significance, and extorts its residents for meals, coffee, etc. As the faculty spouse, I have studiously avoided the conference, opting instead for the vacation-ritual of […]

Fish Mistaken for Sharks

Among our activities yesterday, we went on a “BayWalk” which is nothing like Baywatch but reminds me of those patches of restored prairie in the Midwest. Basically, the concept is that the island’s natural habitat has been completely destroyed over the course of 100 years of development, so now they’re working to bring some of […]


is what you, dear reader, must be suffering from. I’m suffering from not writing in it, so we’re even. I wrote a good entry last Friday about lunch at the Office of Technology Transfer and my original business idea (no I didn’t disclose it) that they seemed to like. I must have accidentlally deleted it […]