Post Publication Cleanup: Old School Word Clouds

I’m in the somewhat laborious process of decommissioning files from two books. I hate sorting through paper. I’m organized inside computers, not outside them. There are tons of things that were important at the time and can now be recycled, including these two pages (which as you can see from the scan-through are already recycled […]

Projection: A Word for Future-Orientation with “Project” In It

Although I’m not doing any classroom teaching this term* (I am, however, doing plenty of teaching), it somehow started off with a sprint. It’s taken me until week two to get together a plan for the term. Maybe others are more organized in thought and action, but I always have a moment after completing major […]

Blood on the floor

Several years ago I visited a large public university to give a talk. At the time my host (who will remain anonymous but some of my readers may guess who it is — I’m not telling) was serving as graduate program director and going through admissions decisions — which are always difficult. I ask him […]

Version Control

Here’s a question for any book writers hanging out on this blog (feel free to email if you don’t want to post). I’ve got a versioning issue. The mp3 book is made up of several long chapters. In two cases, which I’m presently about to deal with, I’ve provided condensed, edited, shortened versions for others’ […]