Blood on the floor

Several years ago I visited a large public university to give a talk. At the time my host (who will remain anonymous but some of my readers may guess who it is — I’m not telling) was serving as graduate program director and going through admissions decisions — which are always difficult. I ask him […]

Version Control

Here’s a question for any book writers hanging out on this blog (feel free to email if you don’t want to post). I’ve got a versioning issue. The mp3 book is made up of several long chapters. In two cases, which I’m presently about to deal with, I’ve provided condensed, edited, shortened versions for others’ […]

Apple Mail (Snow Leopard), Entourage And Exchange: A Brief Review

And now a post on workflow and email. Non-Mac users will be bored, so please feel free to skip this one. Like you don’t always feel free to skip posts. . . . McGill uses Microsoft’s Exchange Server protocol, which allows people to sync their email, contacts and calendar across platforms, computers, and so forth. […]