The Week of “I Can’t Believe I Get to Work Here”

That was the week inbetween my trip to Chicago and my trip to New York. John Durham Peters was in residence was in residence here and I had much fun with him. Georgina Born came and gave a talk on a Thursday afternoon. I had a great time with my grad students. My undergrad class […]

And now, a short post about course planning

One of my major activities for the week was nailing down the details for my big lecture undergrad course in the winter. It’s a complete reworking of the department’s largest course (200 students), which has moved from a “telegraph to the internet” sort of history of communication course to “introduction to communication studies.” I always […]

A Few Other Things I Forgot to Blog About

1. I participated in “No Music Day” on the 21st of November. I didn’t listen to music all day and tried to reflect on the role of music in my life. Unfortunately, the evening before I had watched Monday Night Football. Viagra ads are common during football games, Viagra’s current ad features a song called […]

Today’s Font Discovery

Hebrew, QWERTY-style: אני יוספ Only because I was looking at resurrecting an old essay which includes some Hebraic philology. Just a little, though. The Hebrew’s a little clunky but the Mac OS automatically makes it move from right to left. That’s pretty cool. A few years ago, it was absolutely impossible to do that with […]

Latest CD Acquisitions

Study of Speech and Hearing at Bell Telephone Laboratories: The Fletcher Years Technical Memoranda Issued by Acoustics Research Laboratory, Harvard University 1947-1971 Let me tell you, there are some smoking tracks on these releases. — Tomorrow, I may actually break the country barrier and purchase a Neko Case CD. Technically, it’s already broken since we […]