A Few Other Things I Forgot to Blog About

1. I participated in “No Music Day” on the 21st of November. I didn’t listen to music all day and tried to reflect on the role of music in my life. Unfortunately, the evening before I had watched Monday Night Football. Viagra ads are common during football games, Viagra’s current ad features a song called “Good Morning” which sounds like a classic show tune. Unfortunately, a google search for “viagra” and “good morning song” yields no helpful information, as you might imagine. So I had this insipid tune playing over and over in my head all through No Music Day. I also had no profound insights into the nature of music, the role music in my life or anything else. But “Good Morning” played on and on and on in my head and I could not put anything else on to stop it.

I will not observe No Music Day next year.

2. It’s hard to find hats in size 2XL. I have taken to patronizing Henri-Henri, an old-fashioned men’s hats store which charges not-so-old fashioned prices. But their hats are good. I learned in looking up their phone number that the store is the point of origin for “hat trick” in hockey. Apparently, the owner offered any hockey player who scored 3 goals in a game at the Montreal Forum a free hat.

3. It’s been really nice to find a little time to write (here and in my book) over the last week.

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  1. I know the one you mean… and once in, it’s impossible to get out of your head. Just reading your post means it’s going to be in my head for hours if not days. Thanks.

    Words by Arthur Freed, music by Nacio Herb Brown, 1939. Sung by Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney in Busby Berkeley’s _Babes in Arms_ (1939); and then covered in Singin’ in the Rain with Gene Kelly and co (1952).

    — This, amazingly, not from Wikipedia, but from the Judy Garland database! (http://www.jgdb.com/muscred.htm#g ) .

  2. Yes, Nick is right. The Judy-Mickey verison is by far the best, because they are both so young and so talented, and having so much fun together (Mickey plays the piano). Some very kind film geek has posted the trailer for “Babes in Arms” on youtube, which contains most of the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdzxchFOShQ

    Nobody really watches these early 40s teen “hey kids, let’s put on a show!” musicals anymore (perhaps because of the offensive minstrel show bits), but (the offensive minstrel bits aside), they are wonderful little historical artifacts and great fun as well.

    Yes, I’m a total old movie musical nut.

  3. Well, Muse, you know more about these things than I do, but the Judy Garland DataBase and Wikipedia both say he did (direct the film version of Babes in Arms).
    And if you look at that clip from youtube (the trailer), it says (right at the end, at 3’17”) “Directed by Busby Berkeley” (you have to squint a bit, but it’s easier to see on full screen).



    That youtube clip is amazing — complete with minstrels (!)

    Anyway, the original version is very different from the viagra ad…

    Sorry, Jon, we are getting way off topic.

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