One reply on “Oh, and I forgot to mention the liberal convention”

  1. Dion is a classic radio media candidate. I heard him on CBC’s The House & was quite impressed by his succinct intelligence — ability to elucidate complex issues into a point-basis. Reminds me a bit of Perot (in his style). He needs to work on his TV image though. But the parallels here to McGovern ring with me — I backed Dion early on, & he came through via maneouvring not unlike the 72 Democratic primaries. And better believe it, Harper is our Bush-Nixon mutoid figure — so let’s hope Dion can take it on with the underdog zeal. The Liberals have the chance to go left and go coalition with the NDP in response to the consolidation w/ the Right — if they can see that strategy, things will get more interesting. If they go Right to try and eat away at the Conservatives, they will fail, as the Cons will simply go more Right, stirring up symbolic House motions like Quebec as a “nation” and reversing gay marriage to agitate their frothing fanbase that is currently searching for an evangelical uberleader. That said I remain an NDP supporter, but “Jack” unfortuntely comes across like a bull in a china shop. tV

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